Friday, August 7, 2015

New from IELLO! Little Red Riding Hood, Kenjin, 8 Masters’ Revenge and Heroes of Normandie: Pegasus Bridge and Civilians Under Fire!

Coming in September!
Little Red Riding Hood
$29.99 SRP

Little Red Riding Hood, is the fifth entry in the “Tales & Games” series. In one game mode, the players cooperate to try to reach Grandma’s house before the wolf can spot them; in the second game mode, one player takes on the role of the wolf and try to capture the other players as they try to get to safety. So take care in the woods, you never know what is lurking just around the bend and hiding in the shadows!

1-5 players
Ages 7+
20 minute play time

1 Game board
13 Path cards
13 Gathering tokens 
  (9 Flowers and 4 Pebbles)
1 Wolf pawn
1 Little Red Riding Hood pawn
1 Sticker sheet
1 Basket Mini-board
4 Destination tiles 
  3 Path and 1 Cottage)
2 Tokens 
  (Tub of Butter and Pastry)
4 Character cards (Mode 2)
4 Trees
10 Number tokens
1 Story book
1 Rule book

$24.99 SRP

The great lords of feudal Japan are waging a war without apology. You are one of them and your border is threatened. Lead your troops and read the intentions of the enemy to take control of the battlefield and lead your samurai to victory!

This fast, tactical card game has you reading the table and your opponents. Fight on multiple fronts with hidden and open cards… can you guess your opponent’s strategy and win victory at the most battlefields? Surprising depth unfurls from a simple set of card interactions. Choose wisely to win!

2-4 players
Ages 12+
30 minute play time

52 Army cards
10 Battlefield tiles
1 Rule book
8 Masters’ Revenge
$44.99 SRP

Only a few fighters have made you eat dust. Coincidentally, one of them is standing in front of you right now, ready to fight. Your hands rise into an impenetrable guard. Your time has come to take revenge!

In the fighting game 8 Masters’ Revenge, you are a martial arts master and you want to beat your opponents, strike after strike. Your only weapons are your two hands, represented by the two cards you have in play. Find the weak point in your opponent’s guard to deal damage to him. As soon as his “health” marker reaches the last space of his life track, he is out of the game. The last surviving player wins the fight!

1-4 players
Ages 13+
15-45 minute play time

4 Two-sided boards
100 Cards
8 Bow cards
36 Effect tokens
4 Health tokens
4 Fury tokens
3 Crow tokens
1 Gas Bomb token
1 Rule book

Heroes of Normandie: Pegasus Bridge
$54.99 SRP

The Battle of Pegasus Bridge began minutes after the Allied invasion of Normandy and was crucial in defending against the Axis counter-strike following their loss on the beach. The airborne unit that landed at Pegasus Bridge were tasked with holding the bridge against the German forces.

Recreate this epic battle with this new scenario pack!

Requires the Heroes of Normandie base game to play.

2-4 players
Ages 14+
60 minute play time

6 Full terrain tiles
6 Punch boards

Heroes of Normandie: Civilians Under Fire
$29.99 SRP

During WWII, civilians from every type of background were displaced and caught in the line of fire.

This new set of punchboards allows you to add the Mayor, the Priest, and more to your campaigns. Use the new recruitment tiles with terrifying Ilda, the She Wolf of the SS, or heroic Sandy leading the French resistance group, The FFI. Never underestimate the power of the civilians!

Requires the Heroes of Normandie base game to play.

2-4 players
Ages 14+
60 minute play time

4 Punchboards

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