Thursday, August 6, 2015

New from Czech Games Edition! Codenames!

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$20.00 SRP

In the game of espionage and spies, a Codename is something a spy keeps close to their vest and protects their true identity from falling into the wrong hands. One misstep, one mistake, can cost a spy their life. In this high stakes game, can you find your spies by Codename alone?

Two rival Spymasters know the secret identities of their agents and are giving their teammates clues as to what their Spies’ Codenames are in order to find them and rescue them from danger. Which team can work together to find their agents before the Assassin strikes and their cover is blown?

At the start of the game, 25 random Codename cards are laid out in a 5 x 5 grid on the table and 2 random Key cards, one for each Spymaster, are selected that show what Codenames are Spies, Civilians or the Assassin. The team to go first is also given the Double Agent card in order to level the playing field between the teams.

On a turn, the Spymaster gives their teammates a clue which contains a word and a number such as ‘Car 4’. Those teammates then select cards (up to the number given) which they think the Spymaster might have in mind for the clue. If the team choses the correct Codename card, that card is covered with one of their Spy cards. However, if the Codename card chosen is a rival Spy then the opposing team gets to claim their spy or, if the Codename card is a Civilian, that Codename card is covered with a Civilian card and that teams’ turn ends. Even worse still, if the Codename card chosen is the Assassin, then that team automatically loses the game! Assuming neither team falls to the assassin, the winner of the game is the first team to uncover all of their own Codenames and identify their Spies.

With only 25 codename cards being chosen at random from over 200 possible, the replay value and variations are almost endless! Win or lose, it’s fun to figure out the clues and deduct who your secret agents are! Can you outwit your enemy and identify your agents Codenames in time?
2-4 players
Ages 14+
15+ minute play time

16 Agent cards in two colors (red and blue)
1 Double agent card
7 Innocent bystander cards
1 Assassin card
40 Key cards
1 Rule book
1 Card stand
1 Timer
200 double-sides Codename cards with 400 total Codenames possible!

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