Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New from Asmodee Editions! The Little Prince: Rising to the Stars, Ryu, Mafia de Cuba, Minuscule and more!

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The Little Prince: Rising to the Stars
$34.99 SRP

The classic story of the Little Prince comes alive as you race through the sky collecting stars and stories en-route to his little planet, B-612. The sky route is set up differently each time you fly for new adventures.

On their turn, players spend cards to move their biplane forward. Be careful where you land, there can be valuable rewards or traps along the way! Finishing quickly will earn you big rewards, but the slow path can grant you more turns. Just don’t run out of cards or your flight is over! Who will end the game with the most stars and who will have the best stories to tell about it!

2-6 players
Ages 6+
20 minute play time

8 Route parts
5 Paper planes
18 Story tiles
12 Telescope tokens
36 Star tokens
18 Grandfather cards

Duplik Duplik
$19.99 SRP

Can you draw what you can’t see? Draw the pictures as you hear them described. Can you match the original art without ever being able to see it? You don’t need to be a talented artist, you just have to be ready to laugh. In Duplik, a player acting as the Art Director will describe the drawing on the card and everyone else will try to draw it. Players will just need to get the details right, and the rest will take care of itself. Once everyone has a chance to draw, check the original image and see how well you did!

Duplikis a light-hearted game perfect for just about anyone. Sharpen your pencils and get ready to enjoy yourself, whether you’re at a party or just family game night.

3-10 players
Ages 8+
45 minute play time

120 pictures on double sided cards
6 Score notepads
1 Card cover
One 10-sided die
6 Pencils
1 Hourglass
1 Rule book
Tic Talk
$19.99 SRP

Tic Talk pits two teams against one another each round, with one team creating words and the other trying to figure out what was created. At the start of a round, one team flips its sand timer, then rolls five colored, twelve-sided letter dice; each color corresponds to a row on a paper tablet, with the red die indicating what the first letter in a word must be, the yellow die indicating the second letter in a separate word must be, and so on. The team members think up words that fit these constraints as quickly as possible, stopping the sand timer once they’ve finished.

Following this, a member of the other team looks at the word list, starts the same sand timer in reverse - thereby giving him as much time as the team took to write down its words - then tries to get her teammates to guess these five words.

4-6 players
Ages 10+
30 minute play time

2 Sand timers
5 Dice (12 sided with letters)
1 Clue booklet
1 Cloth bag
2 Pencils

Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis & Clark
$39.99 SRP

Lewis and Clark are joined by John Ordway and Patrick Gass in their expedition to find the Pacific coast. Players will take on the role of the famous explorers as they plot new routes, negotiate with American Indian tribes and record their adventures in their field journals. The more exciting your journey, the more points you’ll earn at the end of the game.

This dice rolling strategy story builds on Lewis & Clark The Expedition. Combine your dice to complete objectives or steal your opponents’ dice and use them for your goals.

2-4 players
Ages 14+
60 minute play time

1 Game board
30 Colored special dice
55 Double-sided playing cards Tribal/Discoveries
4 Individual boards in the color of each player
1 Rule booklet

$29.99 SRP

It’s been almost 100 years since the Very Great Depression ruined the economy of the world. In that time three Solar Wars have been fought over the mineral rights to rich lunar deposits around the galaxy. The conflicts have left Humankind depleted, physically and financially. There are still battles between the corporations, but they are smaller in size and scope. There are usually no more than a couple large cruisers. It’s the kind of fight that can really make a name for a young pilot. Control your hand, manage your attack and exploit your opponent’s mistakes.

In Starfighter, it’s a head to head battle with only one corporation left standing at the end…make sure it’s yours.

2 players
Ages 13+
30 minute play time

3 Double-sided Cruiser boards
100 different Squadron cards
20 Damage tokens
2 Armour tokens
1 Initiative pawn
1 Rule book
Mafia de Cuba
$29.99 SRP

In Mafia de Cuba players take on the roles of henchmen, drivers, thieves and government agents, each trying to take a piece of the pie that the godfather has worked so hard to build. It’ll be up to the head of this crime family to determine who they can trust and who has been sticking their fingers into the pot.

Up to 12 gangsters can take part in this tense, hilarious bluffing game. Remembering what loot was left when it gets to you will be key if want to get away with ripping off the Don or you can try to catch him in a sting with an FBI or CIA agent.

This game proves there’s no honor among thieves.

6-12 players
Ages 14+
10-20 minute play time

15 Plastic diamonds
10 Character tokens
2 Joker tokens
1 Game box
1 Felt bag
1 Rule book

Coming in September!
$14.99 SRP

The peace of the countryside is marred only by the sound of cicadas. Suddenly, a buzzing is heard as the calm of the prairie is disrupted by a line of insects rushing at incredible speed in a madcap race. Minuscule is a racing game with funny bugs that is perfect for the whole family!

Goal of the game: You must use your Move cards in order to get the best ranking for your bugs. The player with the best score wins the game.

 2-6 players
Ages 5+
15 minute play time

34 Move cards
7 Track cards
14 Goal cards
7 Bugs
8 Bases with one black
3 Ant tokens


$49.99 SRP

The ancient prophecy is coming true and now it’s only a matter of time before the dragon of legend appears. Please Ryu by constructing a statue in his image. Players take on the roles of one of five different races struggling to be the first to complete their homage to the dragon and win his favor.

Throughout the game players will travel across the nine islands that make up the land of Titan exploring, prospecting and collecting various remains of dragons for use in the construction of their statue. A randomly set up board and unique drafting mechanic raise the tension.

 2-5 players
Ages 13+
15-45 minute play time

5 Wooden dragons
1 White cube
8 Blue cubes 
8 Orange cubes
8 Purple cubes
24 Yellow cubes
1 Fabric bag
5 Screens
14 Land tiles
25 Dragon tiles
Assorted influence/exploration tokens
1 Rule book

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