Sunday, March 1, 2015

New from Steve Jackson Games! Munchkin: Adventure Time 2: It’s a Dungeon Crawl and Mars Attacks: Ten-Minute Takedown!

Street Date: April 15th!
Mars Attacks: Ten-Minute Takedown
$9.95 SRP

Destroy the Earthling cities!

Mars Attacks: Ten-Minute Takedown is a fast-playing dexterity game of Martian aggression and global destruction. Flick the custom die from your flying saucer at the Earthling cities, and claim their points as you destroy them. It’s easy to learn, and the evocative art is sure to grab attention.

2-4 players
Ages 10+
10 minute play time

One Custom 14 mm d6
Five Chipboard targets
Four Chipboard flying saucers
One Rulesheet

Munchkin: Adventure Time 2: It’s a Dungeon Crawl!
$19.95 SRP

Join the dangerous world of Munchkin where you kill the monsters, steal the treasure...and backstab your buddies!

A small expansion to the Adventure Time version of Munchkin.

90 cards
12 dungeons 

Requires the Munchkin: Adventure Time main game to play.

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