Sunday, March 15, 2015

New from Enterplay! Absolute Discord!

Street Date: April 17th!
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My Little Pony CCG: Absolute Discord Theme Deck Display
$87.92 SRP

Absolute Discord Theme Decks are the first-ever villain-based theme decks, and contain everything that a player needs to take part in this fun and strategic 2-player game. Absolute Discord creates absolute fun for all, and a big ol’ storm of chaos that will enthrall veteran players as well as pique the interest of brand new players!

59 Cards
   -1 Exclusive Foil card
   -1 Non-Foil Mane characters
Assorted Action tokens
1 Playmat
1 Rules booklet

Street Date: May 8th!
My Little Pony CCG: Absolute Discord Booster Display
$125.64 SRP

This all-new 4th set is villain-themed and contains over 200 cards that will absolutely thrill gamers and collectors alike. Discord is a fan-favorite character known for leaving pandemonium in his wake, and he’s going to turn the world of Equestria (and the CCG!) upside-down, so look for chaos and fun for all in these brand new Booster Packs!

Each Booster contains:
12 Collectible cards
   -1 Rare, 3 Uncommon, 8 Common

Boosters Packs come in colorful 36-count displays

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