Thursday, March 26, 2015

New from Aerjen Games! Pleasant Dreams: The Card Game of Nightmares!

Coming in April!
Pleasant Dreams: The Card Game of Nightmares
$20.00 SRP

You are in a deep sleep; your mind is filled with Pleasant Dreams. As the night wears on, dream fragments conspire to lead you on a nightmarish journey. When bliss twists into terror, will you succumb to shock or sustain your slumber?

Pleasant Dreams is a one or two-player card game placing the players in a dreamworld where they fend off nightmares. The goal of the game is to trick your opponent into drawing so many nightmarish dream fragments that he or she wakes up. Alternatively you can win the game by being the first player to finish the dream without waking up.

During the game, you’ll be trying to outwit your opponent by manipulating The Dreaming, and deciding whether or not to push your luck by delving deeper into the deck. Each turn of the game starts with the player deciding how many dream fragments they want to resolve. Pleasant ones help you relax, while the unpleasant ones bring you closer to waking up screaming. You can have some of the cards come back later by secretly inserting them anywhere into the dream deck.

Decide whether you want to hold on to pleasant fragments of your dream...but beware, anything may come back to haunt you! Sweet dreams…

1-2 players
Ages 14+
5-10 minute play time

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