Thursday, September 18, 2014

New from Wizards of the Coast! Magic: The Gathering: 2014 Commander Display and Holiday Gift Box!

Street Date: November 7th!
(Final product may vary)
Magic the Gathering: Commander 2014 Display
$174.95 SRP

Magic: The Gathering: Commander (2014 Edition) delivers 5 new pre-constructed decks to the fan-favorite multiplayer format, Commander.

Each deck features its own special Planeswalker Commander (both oversized and regular-sized), plus 15 never-before-printed cards.

The series features 61 new cards total, all legal in Legacy and Vintage, making Magic: The Gathering: Commander (2014 Edition) exciting for casual and competitive players alike!

Magic: The Gathering: Commander will consist of five different 100-card singleton decks, each containing:
- 100-card pre-constructed Commander deck
- 1 foil oversized Commander card
- 10 token cards
- 1 insert

Display contains:
5 Magic the Gathering: Commander Decks per display

Street Date: November 14th!
Magic the Gathering: Holiday Gift Box 2014
$19.99 SRP

The Holiday Gift Box is specially designed to be the go-to gift for holiday shoppers looking to purchase Magic: The Gathering cards and accessories for their friends and relatives.

- 4 Khans of Tarkir booster packs
- Storage box
- 20 Khans of Tarkir basic lands
- 6 Illustrated plastic dividers
- Sticker sheet for customizing the dividers
- Alternate-art card from the Khans of Tarkir set

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