Sunday, September 21, 2014

New from Alderac Entertainment Group! Legend of the Five Rings: The Currency of War!

Coming in December!
Legend of the Five Rings: The Currency of War
$24.99 SRP

On the winding passes of the Spine of the World Mountains, a disagreement over a merchant caravan rapidly escalates into a conflict between the Crane and Mantis clans. With the ever-practical Daidoji facing off against the peerless marksmen of the Tsuruchi family, both in court and on the wilderness front of the unaligned lands between their borders, there is only one thing that can be known for certain: the currency of war is blood and death, and in this war a great deal of coin will change hands.

The Currency of War is the latest Learn to Play Set for the Legend of the Five Rings Collectible Card Game, featuring comprehensive rules for the premiere Interactive Storyline Game.

Jump into the game as a member of the deadly and elegant Crane Clan or the fierce and adventurous Mantis Clan. Join the ranks of the samurai of the Emerald Empire of Rokugan, discover its rich history and get ready to directly impact its future. You are the hero, the choice is yours!

In this box you will find:
-2 Ivory legal and ready-to-play L5R CCG decks (one Crane, one Mantis).
-4 Ivory legal boosters to improve your deck.
-A 16-page storybook detailing the events of the conflict opposing both clans.
-A fully illustrated and comprehensive rulebook.
-An exclusive vote that will allow you to shape the future of Rokugan.

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