Sunday, September 28, 2014

New from GIANTmicrobes! Christmas Star Mini Microbes Box!

Coming in October!
Christmas Star Mini Microbes Box
$24.95 SRP

Each gift box includes five collectible GIANTmicrobes ornaments dressed up for the holidays. Perfect for kids, students, teachers, collectors, medical professionals, and anyone with a healthy sense of humor!

This set includes the Flu dressed as one of Santa’s Elves, Heart Cell embroidered with beating drums, Bookworm reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, Fat Cell featuring an embroidered Christmas cookie and the limited edition Silver lamé Amoeba!

Get ready for the holidays with these other great GIANTmicrobes sets! Available now!
Halloween Mini Microbes Box
$24.95 SRP

Trick or Treat with Anthrax adorning a witch’s hat, Flesh Eating disease with spooky fake fangs, orange Amoeba with black mask, Black Death embroidered with a skull and crossbones, and Ebola costumed as Frankenstein with stitched mouth and neck bolts!


Show your Christmas cheer with these cute mini microbes!
Christmas Tree Mini Microbes Box
$24.95 SRP

Packaged in a tree-shaped gift box with window, these five tree ornaments from GIANTmicrobes are sure to please! Trim your tree with Common Cold festively adorned with a Santa hat, Brain Cell holding a candy cane, Kissing Disease mistletoe, E. coli with reindeer antlers and the limited edition Red Amoeba with cute winter scarf!

Christmas Stocking Mini Microbes Box
$24.95 SRP

Penicillin festively adorned with decorative puffs, Salmonella with embroidered holly, Red Blood Cell with snowflakes, Rudolph the red nosed Dust Mite and limited edition Green Amoeba with cute scarf and ear muffs! 

Christmas Wreath Mini Microbes Box
$24.95 SRP

This Christmas Wreath box includes Sore Throat singing Christmas carols, White Blood Cell dressed up as a snowman with top hat and carrot nose, Stomach Ache as a delectable gingerbread man, Nerve Cell with angel wings and halo, and a limited edition shimmering gold Amoeba, only available in this set!

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