Friday, July 11, 2014

New from Wizards of the Coast! Kaijudo: The Vortex!

Street Date: August 29th!
Kaijudo: The Vortex Booster Display
$143.64 SRP

Attention, Duelists! A dark force is brewing at the Nexus of all five civilizations, giving rise to the Vortex! Strange and mutated new beings called Vortex Evolution creatures are appearing in great numbers. As they mercilessly destroy everything in their path, you must stand against them by joining the Duel Masters to reverse the Vortex and defeat its mutated minions!

In the Vortex set, players will find exciting new mechanics: Vortex Evolution and Clash. Vortex Evolution allows your players to combine multiple creatures into new, super-potent Vortex Evolution forms like never before. While the new Void Spawn creatures are the only ones with the Clash mechanic. This is a new race of mysterious antagonists in the game, yielding very unpredictable results!

New Shield Blast and Evolution creature cards allow your players to add even more power to their decks, along with 5 new holo-foil Set Premiere promo cards. 

14 cards per Booster pack
36 Boosters per Display

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Kaijudo: Re:Volution Master Challenge Deck Display
$95.92 SRP

Players can discover more creatures and compete right out of the box with the new Re:Volution Master Challenge decks. Put this deck in the hands of your tournament-ready Kaijudo players to unleash at your constructed events.

Each Challenge Deck contains:
40-card deck, including 3 premium cards
1 Vortex booster pack
Paper playmat
Quick-start guide

8 Master Challenge decks per Display

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