Thursday, July 17, 2014

New from Game Salute! Pixel Lincoln: 2-1: Environments Expansion, Tattletale and Stack & Attack!

Coming in August!
Pixel Lincoln: 2-1: Environments Expansion
$20.00 SRP

All new environment cards that change the way that levels work.  See how wind effects Pixel Lincoln, pushing him back further and further.  Spikes are deadly and prevent players from jumping.  Warp zones allow players to swap levels.  You will want to play these!

Requires the Pixel Lincoln: The Deckbuilding Game to play.

1-4 players
Ages 10+
45 minute play time

$15.00 SRP

Tattletale! is a fast-paced microgame about the shifting allegiances of elementary school. Each player secretly represents a different faction and plots or opposes plots to get the most playground glory before the teacher has enough and shuts everything down.

During the game, successful plotting will increase the amount of Homework or Horseplay in the school. In addition to earning points for plotting or stopping a plot, each player’s secret role gives them bonus points at the end of the game. They might be any of five roles, including the Teacher’s Pet, who earns points for Homework, the Jock, who scores for Horseplay, or someone a little unusual like the BFF, who scores with another player.

Twice a game, the teacher comes in and players literally point fingers at each other to cast blame and reduce glory. The basic turn is structured as an iterative Prisoner’s Dilemma with the extra twist that a third player opposes you and can cancel both actions if they guess cleverly.

3-5 players
Ages 10+
15 minute play time
Stack & Attack
$40.00 SRP

Your tribe has found itself between a rock and a hard place! It’s the middle of the Stone Age; food is sparse, rain falls from the sky when it is least wanted, and conflict stews among the council of the elders. In an effort to better the lives of your people you have turned to worship. However, you’re not the only one with that idea!

Neighboring tribes have started constructing monuments of their own, in an effort to turn the favor of the gods their direction. The race to the top has begun!

Each player starts with an identical deck of rock cards, which they grow by purchasing additional rocks and effect cards from the quarry. Rocks can be stacked to build your tower or thrown to knock down another player’s tower. Effect cards can be used to enhance your attack, boost your defense, or provide other benefits. The first player to reach the top of their scoring track wins.

2-4 players
Ages 8+
30 minute play time

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