Saturday, July 19, 2014

ACD Exclusive from Rather Dashing Games! Pirates, Ninjas, Robots, & Zombies!

Coming in August!

Pirates, Ninjas, Robots, & Zombies!
$19.99 SRP

The question that has bewildered evil masterminds and superheroes alike can at last be answered! Who would triumph in an all-out brawl; Pirates, Ninjas, Robots or Zombies? Finally, in this fun and tactical tile-laying game, you and your friends can attempt to settle the debate once and for all by laying down the highest scoring section of your chosen champion!

You and your opponents strategically place the 58 oversized tiles to connect and build your respective domains! Each champion has items that will grant bonuses, ‘nemesis’ tiles decrease on opponent’s score, and action tiles let players manipulate the board! So pick your side, and prepare to answer once and for all! Who will win, Pirates, Ninjas, Robots, or Zombies???

2-4 players

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