Friday, July 25, 2014

ACD Exclusive from Portal Games! Neuroshima Hex Army Packs and Boardgames That Tell Stories!

Coming in the Fall!

Neuroshima Hex 2.0: Mississippi
$11.99 SRP

Neuroshima Hex 3.0: Mississippi
$11.99 SRP

In 2050, Mississippi is a toxic sewage draining directly from the interior of Moloch. The river and its vicinity hidden in poisonous fumes are known as the Belt of Death or seedbed of mutants. Warriors of the Mississippi, clad in coats and gas masks, diffuse the worst of the diseases and poisons.

The main advantage of the army is the ability to massively posion the enemy HQ with Venom as well as to thwart the enemy plans. This faction also has a noticeable resistance to attacks and ability to bypass the enemy’s defense. However, the army’s disadvantages are a low number of Warriors, low mobility, low toughness, as well as a complete lack of armor.

Box content:
35 Mississippi army tiles
5 wound markers
2 Mississippi HQ markers
1 Toxic Bomb marker
5 Venom markers
Replacement tile and markers
Rulebook/army reference card
Neuroshima Hex: Mephisto
$11.99 SRP

Anomalies originating from radioactive bomb craters generate such montrosities that prewar scientists would never imagine. Mephisto is a giant worm, a unique synthesis of flesh and steel, which can be a serious threat to even well-armed forces. Contaminated crater – Mephisto’s territory – is a tempting shortcut route and a source of resources, but too often it becomes a graveyard for newcomers.

Mephisto, the fourth Army Pack, offers fresh and experimental gameplay that revolutionizes the tactical challenges the players are faced with.

Neuroshima Hex: Sharrash
$11.99 SRP

Sharrash is a mysterious and well-organized community of mutant rats endowed with inhuman intelligence. They live underground, in tunnels and canals of the destroyed cities, along with degenerate humans and mutants who serve the Sharrash. They do not allow strangers anywhere near them, fiercely defend their nests, and their fighters will not hesitate to give their life for the pack.

The main advantages of the army are: mobility of HQ, the ability to blow up even the fastest enemy units and to paralyze the slower ones, and also bypassing enemy’s defense lines thanks to the mortars. Another advantage of the Sharrash is a difficult to eliminate Foundation Tile (Hole), which can easily thwart the enemy’s plans.

Sharrash’s disadvantage is a smaller number of fighting units than in other armies, their low mobility, low toughness and initiative, as well as a complete lack of armors.

Boardgames That Tell Stories
$32.99 SRP

The Funniest Guide to Game Design & Game Publishing with special guests: Bruno Cathala, Mike Selinker, Vlaada Chvatil, Antoine Bauza, Michal Oracz, and Many Others.

A group of the finest boardgame designers answered Ignacy Trzewiczek’s invitation to take part in creating the book. They shared their anecdotes, tips and memoires, making the book a unique trip over different designing styles,a formidable guide to the world of boardgame creation. Learn about the process of designing such games as Robinson Crusoe, Pathfinder, Hanabi, neuroshima Hex and many others!

268 pages

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