Thursday, May 15, 2014

New from Japanime Games! Krosmaster Arena Products!

Coming in June!
Krosmaster Arena: Multiman
$45.00 SRP

Krosmaster Arena: Multiman comes with 6 unique figures, and a change in gameplay. The Multiman Expansion allows up to 3 of any given Multiman on your Krosmaster: Arena team. The Multimen become more powerful in numbers - total numbers, even if they are fighting against you!

They come in 2 varieties, Avengers and Villains, and are all Level 2 Characters. The Avengers feature Retribution powers and additional Spell effects dependent on the number of Avengers on the board, while the Villains feature Revenge powers and additional Spell effects dependent on the number of Villains on the board. As stated above, this includes all Avengers and Villains regardless of which side they are fighting for, so be wary of how you use them, as some get incredible boosts if there are more than 7 Multimen on the board at once.

Krosmaster Arena: Junior Base Game
$50.00 SRP

A lighter version of Krosmaster Arena! The main spirit of the Arena is brought by Krosmaster Junior, allowing even the youngest players to understand the rules and play with a friend.

Krosmaster Arena: Junior will include four new character figures, simplified rules, and progressive scenarios, much like the Krosmaster: Arena.

Ages 7+

2 double sided game boards
40 XL scenario cards
4 exclusive figures
1 booster including the final version of the Krosmaster Cards for these exclusive figures

Krosmaster Arena: Not Mines
$20.00 SRP

Krosmaster Arena: Not Mines will add an additional double-sided board playable with all Krosmaster products!

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