Monday, May 5, 2014

New from HC&D Supplies! Cyber Runner and Dragon Queen Playmats, Tablemats and More!

Coming in July!

HCD quality printed Table Mats offer you the opportunity to add a new level of design to your 
hobby shop or favorite playing area.
Made from the same durable material as HC&D Supplies playmats, Table Mats allow your gamers to play more comfortably while adding a dash of style to your establishment.
8’ x 2.5’ (96’ x 30’) dimensions.
Art Table Mat: Cyber Runner
$89.99 SRP

Art Table Mat: Dragon Queen
$89.99 SRP

Cyber Runner and Dragon Queen Playmats come with a box that holds your rolled-up game mat and has extra space for dice and counters!
Playmat dimension are 24” × 14”.

Playmat: Cyber Runner
$15.99 SRP
Playmat: Dragon Queen
$15.99 SRP
Playmat: Star Field
$34.99 SRP

Star Field Game Mat with box is perfect for intense space-battle miniatures games!

Dimensions: 36”×36”
DP: Cyber Runner (50)
$4.99 SRP

50-count standard sized with Cyber Runner artwork. PVC-free and acid-free.
DP: Aetherpunk Mage (50)
$4.99 SRP

50-count standard sized with Aetherpunk Mage artwork. PVC-free and acid-free.
DB: Aetherpunk Mage
$2.99 SRP

Deck Box with Plastic Divider holds Standard-Sized Sleeves.

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