Saturday, May 10, 2014

New from Alderac Entertainment Group! Seventh Hero!

Coming in July!
Seventh Hero
$19.99 SRP

The Prophecy warns of the return of Maedoc the Corruptor, and of his dark hand stretching once more upon the land. It also speaks of seven heroes, bound by destiny to defeat him. In Seventh Hero, players recruit wandering heroes but must remain vigilant against some of Maedoc’s minions who pose as heroes in order to find and eliminate the true seven. The first player to assemble six heroes of Prophecy wins the game!

The deck consists of cards numbered 1 to 7, each number representing a different hero. During the game, players will send cards around, face down, with some hints to what card it is. Players take turns choosing whether to recruit the hero or pass. The player who has six of the seven heroes immediately wins the game, otherwise the player with the most heroes when the deck runs out of cards wins.

3-5 Players
Ages 14+
30-45 minutes playtime

5 Reference cards
77 Playing card

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