Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Updated Romulan Sourcebook!

Coming in March!

D20M: Romulans
$ 24.95 SRP

ROMULANS! The very name sends shockwaves of terror through the Federation (and waves of anguish through the Klingons and other empires). With their cloaked ships, deadly plasma torpedoes, and self-aggrandizing attitude, the Romulans are just full of themselves (and full of trouble for everyone else in the galaxy). This sourcebook has been updated and revised for the modern versions of 20-sided dice RPG systems. Everything you want to know about these ex-Vulcan renegades is here. History, political system, politics, culture, and society, it’s all here. The Great Houses, extended families that function as gigantic corporations, control most of the economy, but each House is more concerned with its own wealth than with the Empire at large. Somehow, the Emperor must play the Great Houses off against each other to maintain any progress (and keep himself on the throne!) in the face of Federation economic pressure. The book details the justice system, religions, military forces, weapons, starships, and much more. The book includes complete deck plans of the SkyHawk war destroyer, the workhorse of the Romulan fleet. Deck plans and characters are included for Abbraxas Station, the primary point of contact with the Federation. Also included are detailed surveys of all major (and several more) Romulan planets. This book has everything you need to fight the Romulans — or to become one!

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