Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February Releases! 

DW: Blazing Sun: Kiyohime Assault Carrier
$ 17.00 SRP

The Kiyohime Assault Carrier plays a similar, albeit slightly different, role to the Tenkei Sky Fortress in the Blazing Sun’s Navy. The Tenkei may have more planes to bring to the fight, but with its rugged construction and powerful turret the Kiyohime is a force in its own right. A host of broadside weaponry and fore torpedoes complement the turret making this Assault Carrier a perfect addition to your naval forces, buried among your fleet it will hold its own while launching its deadly fighters and torpedo bombers into the fray.

DW: Blazing Sun: Kagoshima Mobile Airfield
$ 35.00 SRP

The Kagoshima Class Mobile Airfield is, according to its creator Koichiro Nakayama, a “symbolic representation of the Empire of the Blazing Sun’s majestic power and might”. To most other people it is a humongous representation of what you can do with tens of thousands of tons of Sturginium enhanced metal! At 608 feet long, 280 feet tall and 288 feet wide this is an amazing feat of engineering. Only the elite, the truly gifted pilots of the Empire are allowed to serve on a Kagoshima. This is, in part, because of its privileged status in the Empire’s military, but also because take offs and landings are not a trivial matter.

DW: CoA Epicurus Class Sky Fortress
$ 26.00 SRP

The Covenant of Antarctica rebelled from the paths of other nations, striking out to pursue their own destiny through the application of reason and science. In the barren snowfields of Antarctica this fledgling race has built incredible weapons of war which roll forth to wage war. Machines of stunning ingenuity, the coastal waters are filled with vessels whose craftsmanship is only matched by their capacity for destruction.

DW: CoA: Herodotus Mobile Airfield
$ 31.50 SRP

The Herodotus Class Mobile Airfield is truly a monstrous envisioning of the future of warfare, this arachnid behemoth strides across the battlefield on its four colossal legs. Its thick metallic carapace, infused with stabilized Sturginium ores, shrugs off the pattering of machinegun fire and the crack of artillery as it moves into position. Once there it raises its massive thorax, the armored launch racks concealed within firing wave after wave of drones into the sky, a serpentine mess of machinery within replacing the drones almost as soon as they are launched. Nestled within the abdomen of the Herodotus is the telltale torus of the Covenant’s most deadly weapon; the Particle Accelerator, capable of launching deadly salvo strikes into battle.

DW: FSA: Savannah Class Sky Fortress
$ 26.00 SRP

The Savannah Class Sky Fortress is one of the most complicated war machines the Federated States of America has built to date. A host of rigid balloons have been tethered together and supported by innumerable gravity defying contraptions, and all to keep this giant carrier floating above a battlefield. Its armored compartments and flight decks are home to all manner of deadly weapons and fighters ready to let fly into battle. It is truly an awesome behemoth and any opponent who comes face to face with this carrier should prepare themselves for a fight to remember.

DW: FSA: Alamo Class Mobile Airfield
$: 26.00 SRP

Somewhere above the mayhem of battle the deafening roar of massive engines echoes through the billowing smoke of fire and war. The massive tracked behemoths that already tower above the men on the field are themselves dwarfed by this mechanical monstrosity. Land Ships, previously the giants of the battlefield, pale into insignificance below the enormous belted tracks of the Alamo Class Mobile Airfield. But what else would you expect when an entire military base has been uprooted and mobilized. This is the largest, and most fearsome, beast to crawl forth from the factories of the Federated States of America.

DW: Britannia: Illustrious Sky Fortress
$ 26.00 SRP

High above the waves the Illustrious Class Sky Fortress gracefully glides into battle, held aloft by six gigantic maneuvering rotors and the Royal Engineering Corps’ most advanced Sturginium Gravitation Generators. But do not let the majestic soaring fool you, this is a beast born for war, with a host of deadly and devastating weapons that it brings to the fight. It can pummel you with turret fire while deadly squadrons of fighters and fighter bombers launch, ready to bring even more death and destruction to the fray. Illustrious is the name of this model, but its enemies may perhaps rename it to Infamous once they’ve felt its wrath in battle.

DW: Britannia: Brunel Mobile Airfield
$ 26.00 SRP

Picture the scene: a battlefield ravaged by artillery ordnance, giant tanks destroyed by lumbering robots and Sturginium-powered Generators ripping vehicles apart. Then, through the thick smoke that now hangs over the battlefield a monolithic machine slowly moves over the ground, its giant tracks ripping the ground up beneath it, buildings crushed as easily as a bug under foot and soldiers fleeing before it in fear. As the machine emerges from the smoke all becomes clear; a massive Kingdom of Britannia Mobile Airfield creeps to war, its weapons blazing and its aircraft taking off to find their next prey.

DW: Prussian: Empire Rhine Fleet Carrier
$ 17.00 SRP

As the sister carrier to the iconic Imperium Class Sky Fortress, the Rhine Class Fleet Carrier has a lot to live up to, but it does well to hold its own in two ways. 1) its broadsides may have a short range, but their Range Band 1 attack is devastating to almost any vessel. 2) anything hanging back in fear is just as vulnerable to the monstrous fore bombard. The Rhine makes for a good support vessel on the water and while it may not fit the blitzkrieg doctrine of the Imperium Sky Fortress, its role in the fleet is no less useful.

DW: Prussian: Seydlitz Mobile Airfield
$ 35.00 SRP

It was Professor Johann von Klemp who first came up with the idea for the Seydlitz Class Mobile Airfield. He was a fervent patriot and wanted the monolithic mobile machine to not only inspire the troops around it, but leave no one on the battlefield confused as to which great nation created it - especially from the air. The bottom hull is based on the SR-6 tractor assembly, onto which von Klemp’s team of scientists and engineers assemble not one runway, but two. Armed with two turrets and an array of Tesla weaponry the Seydlitz is a formidable vehicle, and provides valuable air support to ground units as its wings of BF-54 Kondor Fighters quickly launch and land.

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