Wednesday, April 15, 2020

New Welcome To... Expansions & more from Deep Water Games!!

Order by Date: April 24, 2020
Release Date: May 2020

Welcome to: Doomsday Expansion

$9.95 SRP

Thematic Neighborhood Sheet Packs serve as refill packs for the base game. They are more than just some pretty decorations for the neighborhood. These packs come with new ways to score as well! Each pack comes with 3 associated city plan cards.

Players are trying to save as many people as possible from impending nuclear destruction! When you build a house with a bunker you also save people equal to the house number! At the end of the game the person who saved the most people on each street will score bonus points!

Welcome to: Halloween Expansion

$9.95 SRP

In this spooky neighborhood when players build houses they get to choose a trick or a treat, circling either a ghost or a candy. The first player to reach a certain amount of ghosts or candies can declare it to use the bonus. Once used, it's no longer available to other players; who will then cross the bonus off. Only 1 ghost and 1 candy bonus per player!

Welcome to: Outbreak Expansion

$9.95 SRP

You're going to have to protect the Neighborhood from a zombie invasion while building your community. Build barricades and collect ammo to fend off the zombies. Will you be able to survive the zombie horde?

Welcome to: Winter Wonderland Expansion

$9.95 SRP

In Winter Wonderland rules remain similar to the original, but now every house that you build in numerical order will have lights strung between them and contribute to scoring points at the end of the game. Everyone's longest string of lights on each street will score them points!

Play Mat: Welcome to…

$19.95 SRP

14"x24" playmat for Welcome To...
  • Makes setup a breeze to give you more play time!
  • Great aid for teaching the game!
  • You only need 1 mat per game
  • Made out of heat resistant, water resistant, and machine washable material
  • Protects your game while adding some style and flair!

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