Thursday, April 30, 2020

Warpaints: Airbrush Medium & Wet Palette: Hydro Pack—New from The Army Painter!

Order by Date: May 8, 2020
Release Date: June 2020

Warpaints: Airbrush Medium

$6.50 SRP

Airbrush Medium has been developed by The Army Painter to enable our superior quality Warpaints to be used with an airbrush. The Airbrush Medium is highly versatile, and can be used with success on other high quality acrylic paints.

The Airbrush Medium should be applied in the approximate ratio 1 part medium to 1-2 parts Warpaint.

Wet Palette: Hydro Pack

$9.99 SRP

The perfect top up pack for The Army Painter Wet Palette. This Hydro Pack contains 50 pieces of Hydro sheets & 2 pieces of air-tight Hydro foams.

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