Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Ogre Battle Box & Munchkin CCG Introductory Set! New from Steve Jackson Games!

Order by Date: June 1, 2018
Release Date: July 2018

Ogre Battle Box
$79.95 SRP

Attempt to defeat the Ogre on a giant battlefield! This box has everything two players need to engage in exciting futuristic combat, including miniatures, scenarios, a huge map of battlefield terrain, and the most complete set of rules for Ogre published to date.

A powerful Paneuropean defense:
  • 1 Paneuropean Fencer with extra Fencer-B turret
  • 6 Superheavy Tanks
  • 4 Mobile Howitzers
  • 4 Howitzers
  • 8 Heavy Tanks
  • 6 Missile Tanks
  • 8 GEVs
  • 12 Light Tanks
  • 12 Light GEVs
  • 6 GEV-PCs with 3 infantry each
  • 14 infantry bases with 3 infantry each
  • 1 Command Post
  • A deadly team of Ogres:
  • 1 Ogre Mark III
  • 1 Ogre Mark IV
  • 1 Ogre Mark V

Everything else it takes to play:

  • A giant 28.5" × 33" poster map of battlefield terrain – the original G.E.V. map, G1
  • Complete, updated 32-page Ogre rulebook
  • Reference and Scenario Sheet
  • 5 Ogre record cards
  • A six-sided die

Munchkin CCG Introductory Set

$29.95 SRP

The Munchkin Collectible Card Game combines the strategy and one-on-one combat of collectible card games with the silly humor for which Munchkin is known. This Introductory Set set is a great starting point for new players and will give experienced CCG fans more options to use when building their decks.

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