Sunday, May 20, 2018

New Releases from The Haywire Group!

Release Date: June 2018

Hedgehog Hustle
$19.99 SRP

It's dusk in the meadow and the owl is on the prowl. Mama Hedgehog is calling home her children to keep them safe and she needs your help. Draw a card and look at the number of balls: you have that many chances to forage for food or bounce the young hedgehogs back to Mama, but beware! The owl advances closer on every turn.

1+ players
Ages 5+

  • 3-dimensional illustrated scene with plastic tray
  • 5 hedgehog ping pong balls
  • Ping pong ball holder
  • 16 cards
  • Rules

Flick A' Round Ghost Town

$19.99 SRP

North Tarrytown hides a ghastly secret: it’s population is being overrun by restless ghosts. It’s one versus all as the Ghost Hunter player battles all other players controlling the green ghouls. Flick your wooden pawns from haunt to haunt in an attempt to either free the captured spirits or save the human townspeople by entrapping all the poltergeists. Either side can prevail and win the game.

2-4 players
Ages 8+

  • 3 wooden ghost hunter pawns (1 hero, 1 dog, 1 truck)
  • 6 wooden ghost pawns
  • 12 large action cards
  • 12 small action tokens
  • 4 blank action cards for customizable play
  • Rules 

The Kid Quiz Display (12)

$59.88 SRP

The Kid Quiz is a twist on our popular Parent Quiz, now with the children in charge. Parents are asked multiple choice questions by their kids in an attempt to see how well they know the funniest, silliest things about their children.

2+ players
Ages 6+

  • 50 multiple choice quiz cards
  • Rules 

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