Wednesday, May 9, 2018

New limited edition M2 Deck Boxes from Ultra Pro!

Release Date: June 2018 

The M2 deck box you already love is getting three new limited edition premium fabrics. Ultra Pro found a series of high end, unique, premium fabrics and we're launching them for a limited time only! All of the limited edition fabrics feel top of the line and have fun textures not found on other products in gaming.

The M2 limited edition deck box features a main compartment which holds up to 75 standard size sleeved cards and also has a separate compartment for dice & tokens. Trays are removable to help organize contents in compartments.
ULP85751Deck Box: M2: Lizard Skin Limited Edition$24.99$15.14
ULP85752Deck Box: M2: Camo Mesh Limited Edition$24.99$15.14
ULP85753Deck Box: M2: Goblin Hide Limited Edition$24.99$15.14

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