Wednesday, May 2, 2018

New releases from Gamewright!

Release Date: June 2018

Say It!
$10.00 SRP
$6.30 NPI

Score the most points by shouting out answers to odd scenarios created by randomly combining cards.

3-8 players
Ages 10+
15 minute play time


$16.00 SRP
$10.08 NPI

Squirmish is a card game where an odd-squad of beasts and bullies battle to see who’s boss. Play cards to an ever changing grid, and then roll to damage adjacent characters. Be the first to knock out three cards to win.

2-4 players
Ages 10+
30 minute play time

$15.00 SRP
$9.45 NPI

In this cooperative game, everyone works in cahoots to complete a series of goal cards. Each goal card states a specific
requirement that needs to be showing on some or all of the four piles in play. Take turns playing cards to one of the
four piles, which must either share the same color or same number as the top card on the pile. As an added challenge,
you are limited as to what information you can communicate to your teammates! Get through all the goal cards to win.

2-4 players
Ages 10+
20 minute play time 

Trash Pandas

$12.00 SRP
$7.56 NPI 

You and your opponents are raucous raccoons, tipping over trash cans for food (and shiny objects). Push your luck to acquire more cards from the trash, but you must stash them in order to score at the end of the game. When the deck runs out, the game ends and players reveal their stashed cards. Score points based on who has the majority for each card type. The player with the most points wins. 

2-4 players 
Ages 8+
20 minute play time

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