Thursday, September 15, 2016

October Products from Gigamic!

Release Date: October 2016


$11.99 SRP

In Ciao! you want to say goodbye to the cards in your hand as quickly as possible.

Each player starts with a hand of seven cards; cards show either rock, paper or scissors, and they are colored either green, yellow or red. Some cards have special icons on them, such as play again or draw three cards. Cards are ranked in typical RPS order, but red beats yellow, which beats green.

On a turn, you play a card to the discard pile that beats the card showing on top, whether by playing paper on rock or by playing a higher ranked paper than what's already there. If you can't play, you draw one card, then play that card if possible.

The first player to empty their hand wins!

2-6 players
Ages 7+
20 minute play time


  • 108 Cards
  • game rules

Fatal Rendez Vous

$19.99 SRP

A mansion, guests and a butler who welcomes everyone to spend a peaceful weekend. On Friday, the night is calm…when a cry of fright rings out: the guests wake up and are horrified to discover the lifeless body of a companion...Who are the murderers? And more than anything, who will be the next victim?

With Fatal Rendez Vous, participate in a detective game which is action-packed and thrilling in the atmosphere of old Paris. Will you be a guest who attempts to expose the two killers…or a ruthless murderer who must commit his crimes discreetly?

5+ players
Ages 8+
30 minute play time

  • 33 Role cards
  • 1 Pair of metal handcuffs with 2 keys
  • 1 Bow tie
  • 1 Bag
  • game rules

Karibou Camp

$19.99 SRP

Karibou camp has players taking on the role of camp counselors on a nature hike. Swap cards from your hand to the center of the table to create a set of five identical animals. To earn your points, you need to discretely signal to  your partner which animal you have collected. Caribou? stick out your tongue. Bear? give them a grin. Be careful your opponents can steal your points! Speed, observation, silly faces and laughs are plenty in this crazy party game.

  • 1 Giga-pawn
  • 8 round tiles
  • 7 score discs
  • 63 cards
  • game rules


$11.99 SRP

Each player has a set of four cards on which are shown a total of 16 items. Each turn a goal card with three or four of these objects is revealed. Win by being the first to layer and position your cards so only the objects appearing on the target card are visible.

  • 25 Objective cards
  • 24 Player cards
  • game rules


$11.99 SRP

Can you name a carnivore with four feet which lives on the land? Throw the special dice and be first to find the animal with the features shown: environment, food, and number of feet. Thanks to the different difficulty levels, the game is suitable for all ages. Specific is not only an educational game, it's also fun and lively!

  • 27 tiles
  • 3 special dice
  • game rules 


$11.99 SRP

Imagidice is an original and fun way to give free rein to your  imagination and to encourage verbal expression regardless of the age of the players. The pictures appearing on the dice will open up an infinite world to you with a multitude of stories to create. Throw the dice and together create a story from the revealed pictures. Variants are offered to you to transform this creative game into a true educational and linguistic tool.

  • 12 dice
  • game rules

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