Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New January products from Privateer Press!

Coming in January!
Warmachine: Cryx: Shrike: Bonejack
$14.99 SRP

The Shrike soars against the weight of its great tempered-steel wings by virtue of the roaring fires of its necrotite engine and the dark spells woven into its frame. Following the predatory instincts instilled in its cortex, the Shrike surveys the field of battle from aloft before plunging into the formations of the living to scythe through the ranks with its bladed wings. The appearance of Shrikes is often a precursor to a larger Cryxian force.

1 Shrike
1 Color stat card

All Privateer Press miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
Hordes: Legion of Everblight: Blightbringer: Gargantuan
$124.99 SRP

Shrouded by a cloud of blighted ash, the Blightbringer burns with an inner fire like that of the dragons themselves. Hails of gunfire disappear in the billowing haze, and the dragonspawn’s overwhelming emissions smother the talents of enemy spellcasters. So hot are the fires burning within that the very blood pumping through its veins remains at a perpetual boil. The Blightbringer is the flame around which the legion gathers, while the empires of men and dragons tremble at their approach.

1 Blightbringer
2 Color stat cards
Hordes: Skorne: Legends of Halaak: Praetorian Character Unit (3)
$34.99 SRP

Once respected members of the warrior caste, the Praetorians now known as the Legends of Halaak spent the early years of their careers clashing with one another in house feuds. It was not until their houses were destroyed that Valgesh, Cidaar, and J’Deth would join forces and earn greater acclaim. When Supreme Archdomina Makeda overthrew Vinter, this trio of renowned warriors went west to offer their services to House Balaash.

1 Leader
2 Grunts
2 Color stat cards
Hordes: Skorne: Extoller Advocate: Unit Attachment
$14.99 SRP

Having shown a keen aptitude for communing with those preserved from the Void, extoller advocates are sometimes chosen to play a more direct role in the empire’s conflicts, employed to coordinate exalted on the battlefield. In addition to bolstering the combat effectiveness of immortals in their charge, extoller advocates will not hesitate to put themselves in harm’s way in order to fulfill the sacred duty of recovering and preserving sacral stones from fallen immortals and guardians.

1 Extoller Advocate
1 Color stat card
Hordes: Circle of Orboros: Bloodweaver Night Witch: Solo
$12.99 SRP

Even among the Tharn, night witches are regarded as the epitome of Devourer worship. As priestesses and ranking practitioners of the bloodweaver arts, they move across the battlefield within a veil of gore and carnage. With ruthless animosity they leave behind a trail of butchered opponents, taking from each one tokens of meat and precious organs to fuel their own powerful blood magic.

1 Bloodweaver Night Witch
1 Color stat card
Formula P3: Cutting Mat
$14.99 SRP

With the sturdy and durable Formula P3 Cutting Mat, cutting your materials and converting models is easier than ever. The grid shows both Imperial and metric units, which makes measuring terrain and league templates simple. The three base size graphics allow for quick marking of your models’ front arcs.

(Cover art not available)
No Quarter Magazine #64
$8.50 SRP

No Quarter #64 kicks off the New Year with a bang!

This exciting issue features new model previews, a Guts & Gears feature on a popular warjack, the final segment of exclusive Iron Kingdoms Unleashed RPG content focused on the Legion of Everblight, and much more.

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