Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New from Urban Island Games LLC! Emergents: Genesis!

Street Date: November 25th!
Emergents: Genesis
$39.99 SRP

There were not always superheroes, but when Earth needed them most, a group of these ‘Emergents’ came together as The Genesis Squadron to save the world from alien invasion. These Emergents’ powers had manifested across a generation but they kept their abilities secret out of fear – a fear that was displaced when the world was in danger.

When the alien invasion was repelled, their victory was short-lived as one of their own children became the world’s first super villain, Phaeton. As good always triumphs over evil, Phaeton met his tragic fate at the hand of his own parents. Through this loss, The Genesis Squadron founded The Phaeton Project, an academy that would locate and train new Emergents to become the superheroes they were born to be lest they fall into the wrong hands…

Emergents: Genesis is a new PvP, multiplayer deckbuilding game where players take on the role of powerful superheroes; known in this world as Emergents, battle against the other players in the game to be the last person standing. Players customize their decks based on four classes of superpowers and develop their powers and skills by acquiring both Actions and Gear cards.

Designed by Urban Island Games and Top8Magic, Emergents: Genesis introduces innovative, interactive mechanics to the deckbuilding game that will appeal to all fans of both the superhero genre and interactive card games.

Emergents: Genesis also takes place in an original universe created by game designer and comic creator, Brian David-Marshall and features art from a host of best-selling and award-winning comic book artists headlined by Steve Ellis!

2-4 players
Ages 13+
25-45 minute play time

226 Cards total:
-100 Book cards
-56 Panel cards
-48 Starter cards
-13 Emergent Avatars (+ 5 Constructs)
-4 Health Point trackers

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