Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New from Force of Will! Force of Will: Alice Starter Deck: Volume 2 Display!

Street Date: December 5th!
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Force of Will: Alice: Starter Deck: Volume 2 Display
$89.95 SRP

This product is best for drawing new players in and is designed so those interested in starting Force of Will may do so easily and quickly!

It contains a mixture of ‘The Seven Kings of the Lands’ and ‘The Twilight Wanderer’ cards, however, there are no exclusive cards or ‘The Twilight Wanderer’ SR Cards or Ruler cards in this starter deck set. Key cards from ‘Faria, the Sacred Queen’ and ‘Melgis, the Flame King’ are not reprinted in this set as well.

Five deck types are:
Arla, the Winged LordLight Attribute
Machina, the Machine LordFlame Attribute
Valentina, the Princess of LoveWater Attribute
Pricia, the Beast LadyWind Attribute
Rezzard, the Undead LordDark Attribute

All five types of decks contain:
1 Ruler card
1 Main deck of 40 cards
1 Magic stone deck of 10 cards
1 Quick manual
1 Manual
1 Playsheet 

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