Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New from Mayday Games! Coconuts Duo and Hold Your Breath!

Coming in February!
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Coconuts Duo
$25.95 SRP

In the game, you use your monkey launcher and your skill to fling coconuts into cups, claim them, and place them on your board. By stacking a pyramid of six cups you win the game and can claim the title of the monkey king, but beware of the new powerful magic cards the other player may use!

Coconuts Duo can be played as a tense two-player game with ten new special magic cards, or it can be combined with the original Coconuts to play a five- or six-player game. Either way, you will have a lot of coconut-flinging fun!

Coconuts Duo is a 2 player standalone expansion for the dexterity game Coconuts.

2 players
Ages 6+
Hold Your Breath
$20.00 SRP

In Hold Your Breath! you revisit the dumbest pirates known to man. They have been kicked off the ship by their captain in “Walk the Plank”, chased by sharks in “Get Bit” and now they face their final challenge. In Hold Your Breath, each player assumes the role of a pirate treading water in the ocean. These brilliant tacticians have decided to play a game of “Hold Your Breath” to see who is the toughest pirate, because you know, what else are you going do in the middle of the ocean facing certain death?

The game is played in two rounds. In the first round, each player may dive deeper, providing they have the “Swim” and “Air” cards to do so. Players press their luck each turn since it is the pirate who dives the deepest in round one and resurfaces in round two who is the winner. What about the losers? Who cares, they are losers. But if you really want to know, well, they dove down and ran out of oxygen before they could resurface, so now they are just “resting” underwater until the next game, okay? But we digress...

Players can play “Panic”, “Shark”, and other nasty cards on the other players, slowing their progress. In the second round each player struggles to reach the surface before he runs out of air and therefore decides to take a rest. Most of the pirates may not make it back to the surface, but the one who makes it back alive and dove the deepest is the winner. Be careful, though, because if you dove the deepest in the first round, you will surely have the toughest time getting back to the surface since A) you swam the deepest and B) no one else wants to see you make it back alive.

2-4 players
Ages 6+

Hold Your Breath: 5/6 Player Expansion
$12.00 SRP

This expansion allows you to play with up to 6 players. 

Requires the Hold Your Breath base game to play.

Hold Your Breath: 4 Pack Bonus Cards
$2.95 SRP

This is a 4 pack bonus card set with manual.

Requires the Hold Your Breath main game to play.

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