Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New from Asmodee Editions! Elysium, Act Too, Room 25: Season 2 and more!

Coming Soon!
Act Too
$14.99 SRP

Ready to have a laugh with your family and friends?  Laughter is a guaranteed result from this fun party game!  Still in doubt?  Think how your best friend would look while trying to act out “a rabbit with the hiccups”.  I dare you not to laugh!

In teams, players choose a Character card, identified by “I AM” and an Action card, identified by “WHO” and without saying any words players will attempt to act out what they are doing. 

4-10 players
Ages 8+
25 minute play time

Room 25: Season 2
$39.99 SRP

The famous TV show “Room 25” is back for a new season! Two new characters join the show: the adventurer and the psychopath. Now, all characters have their own special abilities. So, thanks to the adrenaline surge, the Participants will be able to perform one additional action per game. Furthermore, the complex is even more difficult to by adding different new rooms....will you be up to the challenge?

Requires the Room 25 (ASMROOM01) main game to play.

1-8 players
Ages 10+
30 minute play time

10 Miniatures
15 Room Tiles
46 Action Tokens
58 MAC cards
8 Adrenaline Tokens
2 Role Tiles
16 Character Records
28 Tokens and Markers

Coming this Spring!
$59.95 SRP

Take on the role of an ambitious demigod who is trying to claim a place at the summit of Mount Olympus. Recruit heroes, acquire artifacts, undertake quests and earn the favour of the gods. When your allies fulfill their destiny, they enter Elysium, and contribute to your legend. Once all the tales are written, a single demigod will join the Olympians.

The goal of the game is to earn as many victory points as possible. Victory points are won mostly with the legends that players will write through the cards that they have transferred to their Elysium, but also by employing the powers that they have assembled throughout the game by the means of specific cards.

 3-4 players
Ages 14+
60 minute play time

168 Cards
1 Temple board
1 Oracle board
6 Quest tiles
16 Columns
4 Order of play Discs
1 Epoch marker
19 Bonus tiles
40 Gold tokens
45 Victory Point tokens
25 Prestige Point tokens
12 Trigger rings
4 Player boards
4 Player Aid cards
1 Card guide
1 Rulebook

Formula D Expansion 6: Austin/Nevada Ride
$29.99 SRP

The Circuit of the Americas was specially designed to accommodate the Formula One care and has been proudly hosting the United States Grand Prix since 2012. Racers, rev your engines on this highly challenging professional circuit!

A formidable second track based in Las Vegas and through Nevada provides racers with even more thrills! From the famous Bellagio to the Valley of Fire; racers will have to survive the death-defying jump over the Colorado River in their attempt to win!

Requires the Formula D (ASMFD01US) main game to play.

2-10 players
Ages 14+
60 minute play time

2 Game circuits
1 Add-on rulebook

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