Sunday, January 11, 2015

New from Arcane Tinmen! Spoils: Resource Pack Display!

Coming in February!
Spoils: Resource Pack Display
$49.50 SRP

We here at The Spoils reward gluttony, and want you to give in to your resource sin. Greed, Rage, Elitism, Obsession, and Deception are our Character’s best tools, and with The Spoils Resource Pack, you’ll never be without.

Each pack comes with nine (9) Greed, Rage, Elitism, Obsession, and Deception resources, two (2) Tournament Factions, and three (3) Micromajig token cards, previously only available at conventions and as a high-level tournament prize!

Use The Spoils Resource Packs to build your decks for Sealed, Draft, and/or Constructed. Better yet, all three. Why not? Be gluttonous. Live a little.

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