Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New from Wyrd Miniatures! Through the Breach Roleplaying Game!

Coming in June!

Through the Breach is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the world of Malifaux. Players take on the roles of various citizens, such as Gunfighters, Drudges, Dabblers, and Entertainers. Each of these characters is as unique as the players themselves.
These are the Fated.
As a Fated, you know your future, it has been told to you, as cryptic as the sparrow on a moonless night. It is your task to rush headlong into the arms of destiny, or to carve your own future.
Through the Breach: The Fated Almanac
$40.00 SRP

This core rulebook for the Through the Breach RPG contains all the rules for character creation, combat, magic, and anything else the Fated player character’s might need on their adventures in the world of Malifaux.
Through the Breach: The Fate Master's Almanac
$40.00 SRP

The companion core rulebook to the Fated Almanac, this guide holds additional background, new rules, and a bestiary of villains and monsters for the Fatemaster to challenge his Fated players.
Through the Breach: Fate Master’s Kit
$25.00 SRP

Armed with these deluxe character sheets and Fatemaster’s screen, a Fatemaster (and his players) are ready to head Through the Breach with critical information available on the fly, and plenty of space to record key details.

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Through the Breach: Fate Deck
$15.00 SRP

This high quality plastic deck is built with the Through the Breach RPG in mind. Containing the special Malifaux suits, as well as a major arcana of Through the Breach art, this Fate Deck is sure to flip Red Jokers!

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