Friday, April 11, 2014

New from Monte Cook Games! Numenera: Character Options!

Coming in May!
Numenera: Character Options
$24.99 SRP

Numenera is a science fantasy roleplaying game set in the far distant future. Humanity lives amid the remnants of eight great civilizations that have risen and fallen on Earth. These are the people of the Ninth World. This new world is filled with remnants of all the former worlds: bits of nanotechnology, the dataweb threaded among still-orbiting satellites, bio-engineered creatures, and myriad strange and wondrous devices. These remnants have become known as the numenera.

Player characters explore this world of mystery and danger to find these leftover artifacts of the past, not to dwell upon the old ways, but to help forge their new destinies, utilizing the so-called “magic” of the past to create a promising future.

Numenera: Character Options is a supplement for Numenera and provides new options for Numenera characters. In addition to new descriptors and foci, Numenera: Character Options offers new mutations, new non-human races, new esoteries, new fighting moves, and new tricks of the trade. It also introduces new kinds of descriptors, expanding the concept to include character origins and negative traits, along with new rules for customizing characters, switching descriptors and foci, and more!

96 pages, Softcover

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