Monday, March 3, 2014

New from Twilight Creations! Jupiter Rescue!

Coming in April!
Jupiter Rescue
$49.99 SRP

You’re a team of lowly maintenance robots, built to keep the station operational and clean so the colonists can get on with...whatever it is they do. Unfortunately, the station has been invaded by creeps, alien creatures that slowly advance toward food (the colonists) so they can multiply. The only thing keeping the colonists from being completely wiped out is your knowledge of the station, a couple of specialty tools and abilities unique to each of you, and a little bit of problem-solving code installed so you could do your jobs efficiently.

Jupiter Rescue is a cooperative strategy game in which 2 to 7 players work together to escort colonists to an escape pod before they’re converted into alien creeps. In each turn, players may take 5 actions, choosing from common options and a series of programming cards that grant them special abilities. The board and dice rolls automate creep advancement, and double-sided tiles allow for hundreds of station variations.

This product contains 20 two-sided module tiles, 1 evacuation pod tile, 7 player pawn robots, 36 rescue cards, and 1 six-sided die, plus 110 plastic figures (50 colonist figures, 60 creep figures, and 10 super creep figures)!

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