Monday, March 10, 2014

New from Lion Rampant Imports! Personally Incorrect!

Coming Soon!
Personally Incorrect
$24.95 SRP

Appropriately Inappropriate Hilariously Fun to Play Again and Again The Most Fun You Will Ever Have While Being a Terrible Human Being! Unlike other lame comparison games that try to be cleverly ‘edgy’, Personally Incorrect was designed specifically so that every round will offend people! Why play a tiring game that makes generic statements? Personally Incorrect attacks the people you are playing with - and no one is safe!

One player reads a Question Card out to the group, replacing “Insert Name” with the name of a person at the table. The other players then pick a highly-offensive answer card from their hand to give to the reader. The reader then reads the card again, one-by-one, filling in the blanks with the provided answers. Once everyone is done pissing their pants laughing, players then vote on the answer they want to win! No dictator B.S. here; every one of the terrible people playing the game gets a say!

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