Monday, March 24, 2014

New from Toy Vault! Firefly: Out of Black Bonus Packs, Godzilla Plush and Monty Python-opoly Board Game!

Coming Soon!
Firefly: Out to the Black Serenity Bonus Pack
$6.99 SRP

Think you’ve mastered the ‘verse in Toy Vault's Firefly: Out to the Black Card Game?  Well, not so fast my friend - you can now expand your game with the Firefly: Out to the Black Serenity Bonus Pack! 

This shiny bonus pack adds more than 15 new cards that are focused around the characters you have in play...will Jayne get greedy and hump the mission or will River be able to read the hidden cards before they get played?  You never know what may happen when you're out in the black!
Firefly: Out to the Black Browncoat Bonus Pack
$6.99 SRP

Aimin’ to do a little more misbehavin’ in Toy Vault’s Firefly: Out to the Black Card Game?  You’re in luck – now you can expand your game with the Firefly: Out to the Black Browncoat Bonus Pack! 

This pack introduces a new mission called a Big Job, and adds more than 15 new cards, makin’ for excitin’ new gameplay and thrillin’ heroics!  Shiny!

Coming in May!
Godzilla 15” Plush
$49.99 SRP

Standing 100 meters tall, weighing 60,000 metric tons, GODZILLA is nothing less than the mightiest beast on the planet!  Able to spit a stream of pure radiation, heal nearly any wound, and generate a shockwave of raw nuclear energy from his body, GODZILLA’S powers make him nearly unstoppable.  However, the greatest weapon in the mighty creature's arsenal is his fighting spirit - when attached or confronted, GODZILLA will not flee, he will not turn, and he will not be deterred until the opposing force is utterly obliterated!  

Coming in July!
Monty Python-opoly Board Game (Version 2)
$44.99 SRP

You too can search for the Holy Grail. From 2-6 knights can buy hovels, build castles, take a ride on a Llama, or charge excessive groats for hanging out at your Castle of Aaarrrggghhhh. Optional rules include invoking your knight's special powers, giving up your castle to go on the search for the Holy Grail, or determining the speed of a laden swallow. Cards for Book of Armaments and Quests could cause you to act out scenes from the movie, pay a fellow questing knight some groats, or even go to face Certain Death!

So come have fun with the Trojan Rabbit, the Holy Hand Grenade and the Invincible Black Knight, with this game based on the funniest move of all time; Monty Python and the Holy Grail. 

All new improved version for 2014!

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