Thursday, March 26, 2020

Robotech: Cyclone Run & Big Eyes, Small Mouth 4th Edition—New from Japanime Games!

Release Date: April 2020

Robotech: Cyclone Run

$24.95 SRP
$14.04 NPI

The alien Invid have conquered Earth and it’s a race against time for the Rebels to reach Reflex Point, the heart of the Invid! Using luck and skill, explore the planet destroying as many enemies along the way as you can!

In Robotech: Cyclone Run, you’ll roll dice to draft different Robotech Heroes, allowing you to move your Cyclones across the 3x3 tile cassette, scoring points for each Invid ship you destroy and location you discover along the way. Who can do the most to save Earth?

Robotech: Cyclone Run is a small area, fast-playing, competitive dice-based game, and sequel to Robotech: Ace Pilot. The game takes minutes to learn and can be played almost anywhere. Your favorite Robotech heroes help you destroy the Invid invaders and race to Reflex Point!

Order by Date: April 10, 2020
Release Date: May 2020

Big Eyes, Small Mouth 4th Edition

$59.95 SRP
$33.73 NPI

BESM Fourth Edition core role-playing game book contains everything you need to create your anime and manga characters and start playing. No other books are required, though we have an entire expansion line in the works to support your gaming adventures!

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