Monday, March 2, 2020

Bookworm: The Card Game & The Dice Game—New from Pegasus Spiele!

Order by Date: March 6, 2020
Release Date: April 2020

Bookworm: The Card Game

$14.99 SRP

The all-knowing bookworm is back in a bigger box with more content, and challenges players to come up with words of a specific starting letter and regarding a specific theme – and all of this as quickly as possible! A handful of initial letters and many different categories (flying, salty, furniture, … ) are all players need, to get the words flowing. Creativity and quick thinking are key, since the player who can get rid of all their hand cards first, wins the game.

At the start of the game, each player is dealt six Letter cards. The aim of the game is to be the first play to get rid of all the cards. To begin the game, the first Category card is revealed and a first topic chosen.

On their turn, the players either play a Letter card from their hand and say a word that begins with the letter of the card and fits the current category, or they change the category.

In addition to the basic rules, there are three variants: Quiz Mode (only one word per category is played), Speed Mode (a player continues to play cards until their left neighbor interrupts them) and Challenge Mode (when changing the category, the player chooses two of the three choices, each Letter card has to fit both categories).

2-8 players
Ages 8+
10-30 minute play time

  • 120 cards
  • Rulebook

Bookworm: The Dice Game

$14.99 SRP

The Bookworm has come up with a new plan to find a worthy successor to his title. Instead of cards, a handful of dice now determine the available letters one round. Additionally, a special die adds a new rule each round. It can grant additional points, allow a player to change the category or count as a joker.

The players try to be the first to collect 21 points by finding words that match the current category and start with one of the letters on the available dice. Dots underneath each letter show the point value a player gains at the end of a round.

On their turn, a player takes a die from the display or from another player and names a word that begins with the letter on that die. If the die is from another player, they take a Bookworm Card as compensation, which is worth one point.

If any player takes the last Letter die from the display or fails to name a word on their turn, the round ends and the players score the dice in front of them. Then a new category is chosen and the dice are re-rolled for the next round.

2-6 players
Ages 8+
15-30 minute play time

  • 60 cards
  • 8 dice
  • Rulebook

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