Saturday, March 14, 2020

Pathfinder Battles Miniatures & more from WizKids!

Order by Date: March 19, 2020
Release Date: June 2020

Pathfinder Battles Miniatures: City of Lost Omens Boosters

Collect all 44 figures from City of Lost Omens, the newest set of Pathfinder Battles miniatures including classic monsters and heroes from new concept art for the Pathfinder RPG!

Pathfinder Battles: City of Lost Omens Standard Boosters each contains four figures total: 1 Large figure and 3 Medium or Small figures.
WZK97501Pathfinder Battles Miniatures: City of Lost Omens Booster Brick (8)$127.92$78.80
WZK97501CPathfinder Battles Miniatures: City of Lost Omens Booster Case (32)$511.68$315.19

Pathfinder Battles Miniatures: Premium Figure: City of Lost Omens: Adult Red & Black Dragons

$59.99 SRP
$36.95 NPI

City of Lost Omens is the latest release in the Pathfinder Battles series of pre-painted plastic miniatures from WizKids and Paizo Inc.

This fantastic City of Lost Omens Case Incentive contains two beautiful display pieces that stand several inches tall and dwarf the other miniatures in the Pathfinder Battles: City of Lost Omens set. These premium figures are incredible for players who need Huge adversaries in their adventures!

  • 1 Adult Red Dragon
  • 1 Adult Black Dragon

Pathfinder Battles Miniatures: Thieves Guild Premium Set

$59.99 SRP
$36.95 NPI

With Trapdoor, training dummies, tools, and loot stashes, the Pathfinder Battles: Thieves Guild Premium Set is one of the best ways to add to your Pathfinder play experience, or to just enhance a scene for your players. With over 15 pieces to decorate the guild, customizing it for the perfect guild setting couldn’t be easier!

  • 1 Card Table
  • 2 Chair
  • 2 Altar Brazier
  • 1 Trapdoor
  • 1 Thieves Weapon Rack
  • 1 Combat Training Dummy
  • 1 Pickpocket Training Dummy
  • 1 Norgorber Altar
  • 1 Altar Corpse Pile 1
  • 1 Altar Corpse Pile 2
  • 1 Archery/Thrown Dagger Target
  • 1 Thieves’ tools
  • 1 Training chest
  • 1 Training door
  • 1 Loot sack
  • 1 Loot Table

Order by Date: April 7, 2020
Release Date: June 2020

El Maestro

$24.99 SRP
$15.39 NPI

If you love air guitar, you'll love air drawing! In El Maestro, one player leads the group in drawing their Oeuvre (their fine work of art). The others draw along with the motions, doing their best to recreate the Maestro's shapes and understand their signals. Sign your masterpiece, then guess what you've been creating - and try not to laugh too hard when you share!

3-8 players
Ages 10+
30 minute play time

  • 70 Double-sided Oeuvre cards, with a pair of images on each side
  • 1 Lectern stand
  • 2 Guides for the Maestro's hand signals
  • 7 Pencils
  • 1 Pad of Paper for your masterpieces

Order by Date: April 7, 2020
Release Date: July 2020

Meeple Towers

$44.99 SRP
$27.71 NPI

Meeple Towers is a strategic and abstract tower building game. Players take turns playing action cards that let you add workers, supports, or new tiles to create a growing multi-level 3D structure. You score points based on your contributions, your supporting structures, and how good you make life for your meeples. The builder with the most points wins!

2-4 players
Ages 12+
45 minute play time

  • 3 Two-part double-sided property boards
  • 21 Level tiles
  • 18 Bonus point tokens
  • 64 Hefty wooden supports
  • 44 Cards
  • 32 Worker Meeples
  • 4 Score markers
  • 1 Start player token
  • 1 Score track
  • 1 Rulebook

Last Second Quest

$34.99 SRP
$21.55 NPI

In Last-Second Quest, you and your opponents are archetypical adventurers, with a gridded board representing your backpack, staring at a shared pile of items. Each round a quest is revealed with a unique set of required and forbidden items, and you only have seconds to fill your storage board with as many of the required items you can, while avoiding the forbidden ones. Once everyone is done, you take turns defending your choices, then score based on how well you prepared, and how few empty spaces are left over. The best prepared adventurer wins!

2-5 players
Ages 14+
20 minute play time

  • 28 Quest Cards
  • 15 Adventurer Cards
  • 4 Ready to Go Cards
  • 10 Double-Sided Storage Mats
  • 60 Unique Double-Sided Item Tiles
  • 5 Locked Tokens

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