Thursday, January 16, 2020

Agents of Mayhem Pride of Babylon & Expansions from Academy Games!

Street Date: January 22, 2020

Agents of Mayhem Pride of Babylon

$100.00 SRP

Agents of Mayhem - Pride of Babylon is a story-driven 3D tactical board game based on the Agents of Mayhem video game.

Play as either the evil, world-dominating LEGION or as MAYHEM, the anti-heroes who will do whatever it takes to stop LEGION.

Compete in fast-paced and destructive combat, upgrade and customize your characters, and play through an immersive campaign where your choices determine the story.

Game Features:
  • Take the high ground or run for cover inside of multilevel 3D buildings. This modular board brings fun new tactics to skirmish wargaming.
  • Collapse the fully-destructible buildings level by level for a change of scenery that will upset your opponent's strategy.
  • Customize your character with a number of powerful gadgets and upgrades.
  • Take on stand-alone missions or let your choices drive the story of the replayable legacy campaign.
  • Remain engaged and ready to make decisions every 15 seconds, thanks to the unique refresh system.

2-4 players
Ages 14+
90 minute play time

Demo Copy Available!
$25.00 NPI

Agents of Mayhem Firing Squad Expansion

$37.50 SRP

MAYHEM's FIRING SQUAD is your go-to strike team for mystery, murder, and mix tapes. Kingpin is a talented triple-threat who can shoot, dance, AND sing. The enigmatic Scheherazade fights with blades and her bizarre mastery of space and time. Oni, a former Yakuza hitman, is a one-man army of terror and vengeance

  • 1 Kingpin Figure & Board
  • 1 Scheherazade Figure & Board
  • 1 Oni Figure & Board
  • 9 Mayhem Cards (3 per Agent)
  • 27 Gadget Cards (9 per Agent)
  • 45 Upgrade Tiles (15 per Agent)

Agents of Mayhem Get Gaunt Expansion

$25.00 SRP

Let Gaunt work the crowd in your favor!

Genius. Trickster. Superstar. Recording artist August Gaunt uses his autotune microphone and brainwashing headphones to control the minds of his fans, manipulating these innocent civilians into an army of murderous automatons to give MAYHEM some serious headaches.

  • Gaunt Figure and Board
  • 7 Fan figures
  • 12 cards
  • 15 tiles

Release Date: January 2020

Agents of Mayhem: Giant Map Tiles

$60.00 SRP

Upgrade your experience with these Giant map Tiles.

Make your game come alive with ultra-high def 3D graphics. These Map Tiles that are twice as big as the Originals.

The base tiles are 300mm square and your buildings rise up to 3 feet and will tower over your table.

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