Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Taverns of Tiefenthal & Evolution: Oceans—New from North Star Games!

Order by Date: October 15, 2019
Street Date: November 1, 2019

The Taverns of Tiefenthal

$49.99 SRP

Can you turn your tavern into the talk of the town? Do you expand your seating capacity or the size of your beer cellar? Do you hire new staff, perhaps? The wealthier customers you attract, the more money you have to expand. Entice the most prestigious nobles to come by to see what all the fuss is about, making your tavern the hottest spot for miles around.

The Taverns of Tiefenthal combines dice placement with deck building to create a challenging and accessible game for all skill levels – a hallmark of all Wolfgang Warsch’s games. With multiple ways to expand the game, TAVERNS has hours and hours or replayability.

2-4 players
Ages 12+
60 minute play time

Order by Date: October 15, 2019
Release Date: January 2020

Evolution: Oceans

$49.99 SRP

Oceans is the next stand-alone game in the award-winning Evolution series. Enter a vast, underwater cosmos: a mysterious interconnected world of sharp teeth, glowing eyes, and black ink, where your survival depends on your ability to adapt to the unknown.

The foundation of the oceanic food chain are billions of one-celled organisms that capture the sun's energy through photosynthesis. Every other oceanic species is a predator, each bigger than the next, all the way up to the dreaded apex predator. And even bigger than apex predators are enormous filter feeders that gently swim through the ocean scooping up everything in their path with their baleen.

2-4 players
Ages 12+
45-100 minute play time

  • Rulebook
  • Reference Guide
  • 2 Player aids
  • Reef board
  • 3 Ocean boards (2 small, 1 large)
  • 120 Surface cards (10 of each type)
  • 50-80 Deep cards (1 of each type)
  • 25 Scenario cards
  • 35 Species boards
  • 215 cardboard fish (96 Light Blue, 42 Salmon, 30 Yellow, 18 Blue, 6 Midnight, and 23 White tokens)
  • 6 Player screens
  • 6 Bonus Score tokens

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