Monday, October 14, 2019

New November & December releases from Mantic Entertainment!

Order by Date: October 25, 2019
Release Date: November 2019

TerrainCrate: Abandoned Town

$79.99 SRP

This set contains all you need to build great looking ruins and obstacles for your wargaming table.

  • VG Ruins (Unsprued)
  • 2 Hedges and Fences
  • 2 Walls
  • Blacksmith & Stable
  • Dungeon Debris Scatter Terrain

TerrainCrate: Ruined Village

$29.99 SRP

This set contains all you need to build great looking ruins for your wargaming table.

  • 3 Sets of Unsprued VG Building Ruins

More November Releases from Mantic
MGCTC136TerrainCrate: Dungeon Doors$29.99
MGCTC137TerrainCrate: Golden Hoard$4.99
MGCTC138TerrainCrate: Royal Vault$4.99
MGCTC139TerrainCrate: Hero's Fortune$4.99

Order by Date: November 1, 2019
Release Date: December 2019

Kings of War 3rd Edition: Armies of Pannithor

$29.99 SRP

The lands of Pannithor are vast and varied. Civilisations rise and fall and the endless struggle for balance in the world dominates all. This book expands on the background presented in the Kings of War rulebook and explores more of the lands of men, as well as delving into the histories of many of the other races forging their own empires in the world.

This book presents the backgrounds and army lists of new factions, to further enhance your options as you fight for the fate of the world of Pannithor.

A companion rule book that contains extra army lists, theme lists and additional background.

Kings of War 3rd Edition: Basilean Phoenix

$49.99 SRP

The phoenix is the symbol of Basilea: an emblem of rebirth, holy fire and blazing fury. These semimagical birds are summoned by the mages of Basilea to fight with the armies of the Hegemon. Phoenixes are vast birds of prey, part fire and part feather; it is unknown exactly how they came into being. They are the favoured creature of the Shining One Fulgria, the goddess of fire, and legend states how they were created from her own sacred flames.

  • Resin titan model
  • 75mm base

More Kings of War 3rd Edition Releases
ItemDescriptionSRPStk Avail
MGCWG401Kings of War 3rd Edition: Goblin Slasher$44.99SOO
MGCWR405Kings of War 3rd Edition: Trident Realm: Kraken$44.99SOO
Order by Date: November 8, 2019
Release Date: December 2019

Hellboy: Krampus

$44.99 SRP

Continuing on from last year's massively successful Ho Ho Hellboy and to once again celebrate Christmas, Mantic Games brings you Krampus for 2019! This limited edition handmade resin gaming piece will be a must have purchase for any Hellboy fan.

  • Resin model
  • Game extras

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