Thursday, October 24, 2019

New December releases from Privateer Press!

Order by Date: November 1, 2019
Release Date: December 2019

Level 7: Omega Protocol 2nd Edition

$89.99 SRP

Overrun with swarms of monstrous genetic creations led by their nefarious alien overseers, the underground facility of Subterra Bravo is the epicenter of an unfathomable government conspiracy—one that must be kept secret at all costs. To cover up the truth, the shadowy agency in charge of the operation has initiated Omega Protocol, dispatching an elite team of commandos to retake Subterra Bravo and eradicate all evidence of the sinister creatures within. But the threat these creatures and their alien overlords pose may be far greater than anyone can possibly imagine…

LEVEL 7 [OMEGA PROTOCOL] is a tactical miniatures-based board game for 2–6 players, now in its second edition. The plastic miniatures are produced in a rigid plastic, far superior to the original edition, and minor errata and rules changes have been made to offer an even better gaming experience. Now players can once again fearlessly enter the belly of the beast as part of a highly trained team of operatives and work together to neutralize all threats, or they can take control of the creatures inhabiting Subterra Bravo, and ensure the human intruders know true terror before they meet their grisly fate.

This new version comes with higher quality rigid plastic miniatures and minor errata and rule changes.

Winter Rampage 2020 Prize Kit

$62.50 NPI

The rest of the Iron Kingdoms may be heating up (thanks to the Infernals), but you should take some time to chill out and celebrate a bit of Joy with the Winter Rampage 2020 casual event for WARMACHINE & HORDES. This single-day event promotes fun, narrative play for all with special rules to provide a unique (and destructively happy) experience. Best of all, each player who participates will walk away with a special model just for playing! The Sabertooth Mawg miniature, only available in this kit, is not only playable during Winter Rampage but makes for an excellent and adorable decoration on any existing miniature in the WARMACHINE & HORDES line.

Each prize contains enough materials for 8 players and includes: (8) Sabertooth Mawg miniatures and (8) foil stat cards for use during the event. As BONUS, each prize kit will include 8 Riot Gear cards so the Sabertooth Mawg can use used in Riot Quest as well!

Warmachine: Legion of Lost Souls: Mercenary Marrowan
Unit (Metal)

$79.99 SRP
Warmachine: Order of Illumination: Resolutes: Mercenary Marrowan Unit (Metal)


$49.99 SRP
Warmaching: Thamarite Advocate: Mercenary Marrowan Solo (Metal)


$15.99 SRP
Monsterpocalypse: Triton:
Steel Shell Crabs & Psi-Eel (Metal)

$29.99 SRP
Monsterpocalypse: Subterran Uprising: Mollock Brutes & Mollock Berserker (Metal)

$32.99 SRP
Monsterpocalypse: Elemental Champions: Incinerus

$32.99 SRP
Monsterpocalypse: Savage Swarm: Xixorax (Metal)

$23.99 SRP
Riot Quest: Specialist: Doctor Stygius (Metal)

$26.99 SRP
Riot Quest: Gunner: Scythe (Metal)

$17.99 SRP

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