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New from Wyrd Miniatures!

Release Date: February 2018

The Other Side: King's Empire: Kassa

$15.00 SRP

After a childhood of intense schooling, Kassa Okoye eventually left to join the Abyssinian army. She was placed with the engineers and tasked with keeping the military's equipment functioning on the front lines. Over time, she proved to be a capable soldier and demonstrated shrewd tactical prowess on the battlefield. 

On the tabletop, Kassa works for both Abyssinia and the King's Empire by supporting the massive constructs known as Titans. She gains resources when they are damaged, repairs them, and lets them take extra Actions

The Other Side: King's Empire: Artillery Team

$65.00 SRP

One of the most defining features of the King's Empire is their widespread use of artillery on the battlefield. Their investment into firearms has paid dividends in both equipment for normal troops and the development of large-scale weapons like the howitzer. 

On the tabletop, Artillery Teams are very long ranged units with poor accuracy. Their incredible strength easily makes up for this, though, and they can comfortably sit on the back line and shell enemy troops all game long. 

  • 3 pre-assembled minis
  • Bases
  • Stat cards

The Other Side: Abyssinia: Steel Legion

$75.00 SRP

At the pinnacle of the Abyssinian armed services sit the mighty Steel legion. Filled with veterans of dozens of battles, the Steel Legion is the most respected, and feared, unit in all of Africa (and possibly the world). Their iconic buzzsaws are proprietary technology that seem capable of cutting through almost any material. Their powerful armor turns aside most bullets, allowing them to enter into the thick of any combat to take down the toughest enemy troops. 

On the tabletop, the Steel Legion have one role cutting down the enemy. They are incredibly hard to take down, requiring a concentrated effort, and while the opponent is trying to kill them, they will be ripping through the heart of the opposing Company.

  • 7 pre-assembled minis (6 Steel Legion, 1 Cutter)
  • Bases
  • Stat cards

The Other Side: Gibbering Hordes: Karkinoi

$55.00 SRP

Karkinoi primarily dwell in the shallow caves along the coasts of Malifaux, though a few breeds still linger in the deeper parts of the ocean. Karkinoi are pack hunters that prefer to overwhelm creatures much larger than themselves and feed as a group. They reproduce rapidly, often laying nearly-hatched eggs into whatever parts of their prey they choose not to consume. In Malifaux, those eggs serve as food for many other creatures, but on Earth, those predators are absent, and the Karkinoi population is increasing at an unchecked rate.

On the tabletop, Karkinoi are fast, relatively durable, and hard-hitting. When coupled with their ability to summon Egg Clutches, this create is a well rounded melee unit that forms the backbone of the strongest hunting pods.

  • 9 pre-assembled minis
  • Bases
  • Stat cards

The Other Side: Gibbering Hordes: Horomatangi

$75.00 SRP

Horomatangi is an ancient, powerful Creature that slipped through a dimensional portal and appeared on Earth in the mid-sixteenth century. In Malifaux, it had been a powerful spellcaster and a ruthless overlord, but upon arriving on Earth, its magical power was significantly weakened. It terrorized the Maori people for a short time before eventually falling into a deep slumber.

The arrival of the Burning Man brought with it an infusion of magic that woke Horomatangi from its slumber and set the massive beast on a quest to regain its former strength. 

On tho tabletop, Horomatongi can serve either tho Cult of the Burning Man or the Gibbering Hordes. Unlike most Comanders, Horornatangi is also a Titan, which makes it incredible deadly and very resilient to damage.

The Other Side: Cult of the Burning Man: The Broken

$45.00 SRP

Almost every member of the Cult of the Burning Man began their twisted worship as one of the Broken. People who had experienced significant trauma in their lives were particularly receptive to the call of the Burning Man, and their first act is often one of intense violence against their loved ones. The Broken tend to gather in large groups, rambling their madness to one another and gathering up whatever impromptu weapons they can find. 

On the tabletop, the Broken can absorb a lot of damage. Their five-model Fireteams are very durable, and they have the ability to generate their own Reinforcement Tokens, allowing them to quickly recover from heavy losses. 

  • 10 pre-assembled minis
  • Bases
  • Stat cards

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