Wednesday, December 6, 2017

DinoParty & Stellium! Releasing in December from Ankama Board Games!

Street Date: December 15, 2017

$30.00 SRP

The Earth is as flat as a pancake, and made up of a single continent, and the Dinosaurs are trying to save their species somehow. Unfortunately, the eras are superseding one another, and natural catastrophes are wreaking havoc, actively contributing to their disappearance.

Your Dinosaurs are going to try and reach some protected areas. They're doing their best to gather together, in order to enlarge their herd. Will you manage to avoid the pitfalls of this unforgiving world and save some of them from extinction?

2-6 players
Ages 6+
15 minute play time


$40.00 SRP

At the dawn of the Universe's creation, you embody one of the first deities who will try and become its Grand Architect. Play with the various astral bodies and prove yourself worthy of the title!

2-4 players
Ages 10+
30-60 minute play time

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