Saturday, November 25, 2017

Spy Tricks & Letter Go! New from WizKids!

Order by Date: December 12, 2017
Release Date: March 2018

Spy Tricks

Put your espionage skills to the test with WizKids' new release, Spy Tricks! Players will act as spies from various countries trying to guess the contents of secret documents.

This is a trick-taking game, where you will use your hands as well as your observance of the other players' actions to deduce what the secret document is. There is even an element of gambling as you bet on the content of the secret document – each bet on the content locks out other players from guessing the same thing.

Play rounds equal to the number of players and the player with the highest score at the end is the best spy in the world!


  • 29 Cards
  • Paper Sheet
  • Point Tokens
  • 20 Henchmen Pawns
  • 3 Helper Pawns
  • Start Player Pawn
  • Rule Book

Order by Date: December 21, 2017
Release Date: March 2018

Letter Go!

Each round, players write words on their whiteboards using the available letter cards, but they only score points for the cards they are able to claim before their opponents. Words only score if the player follows the ever-changing and zany Letter GO! rules.

The player who scores the most points at the end of five rounds wins.


  • 96 Cards
  • 26 Double-sided Rule Cards
  • 6 White Boards
  • 6 Dry Erase Markers
  • 6 Scoring Tokens
  • Sixty Second Timer
  • Rule Book

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