Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New from Steve Jackson Games! Munchkin Fu, Munchkin: Meeples, Knights and more!

Coming in May!
Munchkin Fu: Guest Artist Deluxe Edition
$29.95 SRP

Celebrate 15 years of Munchkin with special Guest Artist Editions!

You’ve seen John Kovalic illustrate Munchkin before, but you’ve never seen him illustrate Munchkin Fu before! Watch John go back and reimagine the original Hong Kong action cinema Munchkin set – originally illustrated by Greg Hyland – in his own unique style.

This Guest Artist Edition includes completely re-illustrated game cards, a gameboard featuring John Kovalic’s Munchkin art, and male and female standies for each player.

3-6 players
Ages 10+
1 hour play time
Munchkin: Meeples
$19.95 SRP

Ever play some other board game and think “This isn’t Munchkin enough!”? Now you can have your Munchkin fandom invade other games with Munchkin Meeples!

These classic-style wooden game pieces come in six different designs that feature all your favorite Munchkin characters. The Munchkin Meeples set includes six different meeple designs, each of which has one Mega-Meeple and four Non-Mega-Meeples. The Meeples even have in-game bonuses when used in Munchkin!
Play Mat: Munchkin: Spyke Gets Suckered
$16.95 SRP

Lost track of your loot? Can’t tell your headgear from your footgear? Get organized with the Munchkin Play mat! Illustrated by Ian McGinty, this 14” × 28”  play mat showcases Spyke tussling with a tentacled terror. Also, to aid in gameplay, it includes spots to keep track of your Class, Race, level, and all your monster-slaying gear!

Bonus: Spyke’s secret space lets you Cheat! one item per game. Who said cheaters never prosper?

Munchkin: Knights
$5.95 SRP

First there were dragons. Next came the princesses. Now the sun is setting and it’s Knight time!

In times of yore, loyal knights would ride out to do their king’s bidding. These knights have stumbled into the dungeon and are now in your way. Draw your steel and show them who’s the king around here. Munchkin Knights has 15 shiny new cards to add some Knight to your day!

This is an expansion for Munchkin and requires the base game to play.

15 cards


Munchkin: Sketch Edition
$19.95 SRP

Where did all the art go? That’s the point of this set! It’s a sketch edition. You and your friends can draw your own Munchkin Set and let your imagination run wild!

168 cards (no art on cards)
1 Rulesheet
1 Six-sided die

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