Saturday, April 9, 2016

New from Asmodee Editions! Histrio, Ra, Via Nebula and Mysterium: Hidden Signs!

Coming in June!
$59.99 SRP

It is that special time of the year when the entire kingdom gathers at court for the Munificent Theatrical Festival. Acting troupes from all over the land will come together to perform plays of either light hearted comedy or soul wrenching tragedy. Will their performance win the favor of the King or will his fickle mood spell a flop?

In Histrio, you travel the land recruiting actors to join your troupe. Assemble the right team and you might earn enough money to pay for an entire year of shows. It'll take careful planning and a little luck to outperform your competitors. The play is the thing in Histrio and the world is your stage!

2-5 players
Ages 10+
40 minute play time
$59.95 SRP

Ancient Egypt is overflowing with opportunity and as a royal advisor, you are tasked with enriching its society through art, religion, astronomy, writing, and agriculture.

Gain the favor of the gods to build incredible monuments, advance your civilization, and collect piles of gold. Incur their wrath, however, and a disaster may upset your royal efforts. Battle for glory and push your luck in Ra, a game of high-stakes bidding and divine intervention.

2-5 players
Ages 14+
30-60 minute play time
Via Nebula
$59.99 SRP

The Nebula valley has just emerged from an era of darkness and its people are seeking help to reclaim their homeland and rebuild their lives. Explore the misty meadows, unearth precious resources, and build towns and transportation atop the ruins of what the valley used to hold. Restore peace and prosperity to the towns of Nebula, and receive glory, prestige, and riches in return. Make the biggest contributions in Via Nebula and a statue will even be erected in your honor!

2-4 players
Ages 12+
60 minute play time

Mysterium: Hidden Signs
$29.99 SRP

They thought the secret of Warwick mansion had been solved and the spirit had found peace, but now new signs have emerged that were previously hidden. New suspects, places, and objects that do not fit into the picture and the presence of the ghost is strong once again.

In Mysterium: Hidden Signs, the spiritualists must return to the old mansion and investigate these disturbing visions. Will they understand all the instructions this time and give the ghost its final rest?

Requires the Mysterium main game to play.

2-7 players
Ages 10+
42 minute play time

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