Saturday, December 12, 2015

New from Modiphius Entertainment! Fragged!

Coming in January!
Fragged Empire
$59.95 SRP

Betrayed by your creators, you are a genetically engineered remnant emerging from the ruin of genocidal war; 100 years of brutal tribalism and savagery.  The world as we knew it has been obliterated and now, four non-human races seek to build a new society for themselves from the rumble of civilization. 

Exploring the state of the universe after a cataclysmic event is a popular theme in science fiction literature. It allows us to delve into the nature of civilization, humanity, and rediscovery after we have lost all that we know.

This setting does not take place immediately after this cataclysmic event (a genocidal war), but a hundred years later. Enough time has passed for people to partially accept what has happened and start to rebuild. You are at the dawn of a new civilization, a time of great opportunity and danger.

What should this new society look like and who is trying to survive in it?

Fragged Empire is a high-quality, massive, 384 page, Full color, Hardcover book. With everything you will need for players and game-masters. The book will also include loads of art, short stories and more from the game universe.

Made in the UK.

Fragged Empire: Antagonist Archive 1
$14.95 SRP

The Fragged Empire Antagonist Archive 1 explores the darker corners of the Habrixis Sector and the Haven System and includes factions, locations, Mechonids, pirates, feral Nephilim and spacecraft write ups and stats!

A high quality, 140 page, Full color, Hardcover supplement book.

Requires the Fragged Empire Core Book to play.

Made in the UK.

Fragged Empire: Adventure 1: Let Sleeping Gods Lie
$14.95 SRP

The crew of ‘The Ransom’ is hired by a Corp contact to salvage the remains of a living Nephilim Warship which recently floated out of the Monopoly Asteroid Belt. The characters are racing against a rival who they’ve tangled with before. The first to get to the ship gets it and the valuable salvage promised.  But ancient warships are not to be trifled with, and this one isn’t dead – merely hibernating. It wants the PCs to become its new crew so that it might fulfill its 100 year-old mission to destroy a weapons platform in the Haven System. The only problem is that weapons platform is now a thriving colony.

An Adventure Suitable for Characters with 3-5 Resources.  Ideal introduction to the Fragged Empire setting.

40+ pages, Softcover, black and white interior.

Requires the Fragged Empire Core Book to play.

Made in the UK.

Fragged Empire: Adventure 2: Genetic Spectres
$14.95 SRP

The Archons and the war are a hundred years gone and the Mechonid threat barely forgotten; these strange mechanical creations went into hibernation at the end of the war and have not reappeared since…until now… 

40+ pages, Softcover, black and white interior. Ideal for low to mid-level characters.

Requires the Fragged Empire Core Book to play.

Made in the UK.

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