Saturday, December 19, 2015

New from Bushiroad! Cardfight!! Vanguard: Fighters Collection 2015 Winter and Weiss Schwarz: Nisemonogatari!

Coming in January!
(Product image not available)
Cardfight!! Vanguard: Fighters Collection 2015 Winter Display
$49.99 SRP

Fighters Collection is breaking with the usual practice and coming out in winter as well!

Featuring G unit (G4) cards with the ‘Stride’ mechanic for every clan except the Cray Elemental, Etranger and Touken Ranbu clans.

Look out for the new trump cards that will power up popular units that catch your eye!

48 types of cards in total
1 Pack contains 3 random cards

1 Display contains 10 packs

Coming in February!
(Product image not available)
Weiss Schwarz: Nisemonogatari Trial Deck Display
$126.00 SRP

The Nisemonogatari Trial Deck is a pre-constructed new product made from cards found in the Nisemonogatari Booster Pack and cards that were given out as PR cards in the Japanese Edition!

Two types of exclusive RRR Foil cards are randomly inserted in decks and four exclusive cards not found in the Booster packs are included in this Trial Deck!

50 card pre-constructed deck
1 Rule sheet
1 Deck manual
1 Play book
1 Play mat

1 Display contains 6 Trial decks

Note: Weiss Schwarz English Edition does not include gold/silver campaign coupon.

Weiss Schwarz: Nisemonogatari Booster Display
$105.00 SRP

This awaited series has finally appeared in the English Edition of Weiß Schwarz!!!

In Bakemonogatari, the story centers on Koyomi Araragi, a third year high school student who has recently survived a vampire attack, and finds himself mixed up with all kinds of apparitions: gods, ghosts, myths, and spirits. However, in Nisemonogatari, we pick up right where we left off and follow Koyomi as the psychological twists delve deeper and deeper…

Exclusive Gold Foil Hot Stamp signed cards by the Fire Sisters are randomly inserted into packs!

100 types of cards total
8 Cards per pack
20 Packs per display

Note: Weiss Schwarz English Edition does not include gold/silver campaign coupon.

(Product image not available)

(Product image not available)

Weiss Schwarz: Nisemonogatari Meister Set
$80.00 SRP

The Meister Set is a new series of  products aimed at collectors of the highly popular Bushiroad Weiss Schwarz products!

The Meister Set will come with an exclusive Rubber Mat, Storage Box and a PR card! The Storage Box can hold approximately 700 cards inside! The Meister Set also contains 10 Booster Packs from Nisemonogatari!

1 Rubber Mat
1 Storage Box
1 PR card
10 Nisemonogatari Booster packs

Note: Weiss Schwarz English Edition does not include gold/silver campaign coupon.

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